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HeronBridge College is located in the heart of prime development 10km north of Fourways, where the two Jukskei rivers meet. This unique, co-educational College enjoys architecturally designed buildings, rolling lawns, gardens, leafy trees and fields flanked by a beautiful river. When the school was founded in 2001, doors were opened to a class of busy pre-primary children. It presently extends through a complete preparatory school and into a vibrant college. Here, young people prepare for their role in the twenty-first century and the responsibilities it will place before them. 

The school is founded on Christian principles and aims to provide an education of the highest quality, developing each child academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. A favourable teacher to learner ratio ensures the fundamental ethos of care and concern for the individual. Solid foundations for life are laid through an active Life Orientation programme that seeks to be relevant to young people today.

Mission, Vision and Motto

Mission Statement


1.             The College will offer excellence in education by:


·       developing each child to his/her full potential through an integrated programme that attends to physical, emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual development;

·    implementing a dynamic and relevant curriculum that addresses the changing needs of society and encourages a sense of responsibility;

·        in so doing, preparing each child to achieve a life of integrity and fine character, reflecting the Fruit of the Spirit: 


(Galatians 5:22)


2.         The College will seek to fulfill the calling of outstanding teachers who are committed to their profession and who embrace the College’s Christian ethos. 

3.          The College will be run as an efficient business enterprise to ensure affordability for its school community.



Our local vision is to equip your children, unearth their personal potential, fill them with confidence and build up the family. Our global vision is to raise a new generation of nation builders that are full of integrity, impacting our region, nation and the global community itself. The school is founded upon solid Christian principles with local churches represented in an advisory capacity. Our strong leadership team has a passion and a vision for the future of education. This vision and culture extends from the child to the parents and to the community at large. 


Vision Statement


To provide for excellence in learning, so that children of all school-going ages receive a well rounded education in a Christian environment; and for outstanding teaching to fulfil the calling of teachers committed to both their profession and the Lord. 


Our Motto


Our Motto, Ad Integritatem, means 'Towards Integrity' and it is this value that underscores HeronBridge College's efforts at every level. 




The Preparatory school is divided into Junior Prep and Senior Prep.




The Junior Preparatory is a caring, nurturing environment managed by our Deputy Head, Mrs. Lindy Bartlet. She is ably supported by a team of professional and dedicated teachers who aim to lay a solid foundation and develop motivated, confident and happy children striving to achieve their personal best in every area of their development. Children are encouraged in their individual areas of strength and areas requiring improvement are closely monitored and developed. They progress rapidly during this phase intellectually, emotionally and socially, developing skills which underpin life-long learning. 




Class teaching predominates in the Junior Preparatory phase and the focus is on developing fundamental Literacy and Numeracy skills through a stimulating and integrated curriculum which is both creative and relevant. We follow a comprehensive, multifaceted Literacy program, which immerses the children in language experiences promoting speech, listening, reading, writing and thinking skills in order to develop creative and critical thinkers who can read fluently and communicate confidently both verbally and non- verbally. 


Children today need to be equipped to participate in an increasingly numerical world and therefore it is crucial for the learners in this phase to gain a strong foundation in basic numeracy. The teaching of Mathematics is integrated with other subjects and the children are required to apply their numerical understanding to real life situations in order to develop sound problem solving skills. 


Our Life Skills curriculum provides the context for the teaching of Literacy and Numeracy and encourages the children to engage with the world around them through enquiry and investigation. Our aim is for the children to develop both respect and responsibility for the world in which they live. Outings to places of interest form a vital part of the extended learning experience.


The children have the opportunity to develop their imagination and creativity through activities in Art, Music and Drama which are offered by specialist teachers. During IT lessons the children are equipped with knowledge and skills to enable them to use technology efficiently and effectively to enhance their learning.


Regular physical activity forms an important part of the curriculum where the emphasis is on helping children to use their bodies effectively through participation in activities which develop spatial awareness, balance, control, co-ordination and motor skills. In Grades One and Two, the children are introduced to the various sports’ codes through the Junior Sports’ Program, which forms part of the school day. They have the opportunity to participate in school and house teams during various internal and external festivals. The Grade Three children take part in the full Co-Curricular program offered after school.


Academic support is offered by class teachers as well as by a multidisciplinary team of private therapists who work from our Learning Centre situated on the HeronBridge campus. This team includes an educational psychologist, speech therapists, remedial therapists, occupational therapists and physio therapists as well as reading specialists offering the Rainbow Reading Program. 


By the end of Grade Three our pupils have experienced a creative and well-balanced curriculum which has prepared them to apply their learnt skills to all subjects offered in the Intermediate Phase.




At HeronBridge we work within the framework of the National Curriculum Statement.  We strive to provide our pupils with an education that is relevant to them and the ever changing world that they live in.  Our pupils are nurtured and encouraged to maximise their individual potential and achieve their personal best in each subject on offer. 


We strive to create a positive work ethic in our pupils in order to develop young people who are confident, independent and responsible learners who have a love of learning.  Our teachers take a personal interest in each child. We also have a special needs centre and children who require additional support either academically or emotionally are catered for.


In the Senior Primary Phase we offer a more formalised learning environment, class teaching still occurs at a Grade Four level.  In Grade Five learners remain with their homeroom teachers for the core subjects viz. English, Afrikaans and Mathematics and are introduced to specialist teachers for the Cultural subjects.  In Grades Six and Seven our pupils are exposed to subject specialist teaching. 


We offer a holistic curriculum covering a wide range of subjects: English, Afrikaans (isiZulu is offered on a co-curricular level), Mathematics, Natural Sciences, History, Geography, Life Orientation, Physical Education, EMS, Design and Technology, Art, Drama, Music (Grades 4 – 6) and Bible Education.  We extend the classroom beyond the walls of our property and our pupils are taken on excursions, theatre visits and tours. Where possible we invite 

guest speakers into our lessons.


We encourage our pupils to develop creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, research and study skills. We place an emphasis on technology and have two fully equipped computer labs. Our pupils are taught relevant computer skills and use these in lessons across the curriculum in keeping up with the latest trends in education.  Each classroom is equipped with a projector, internet access and mimio board.  In the Senior Primary Phase we are equipping the children with the skills they require for a successful High School career.


We strive to achieve academic excellence and monitor our progress by writing National and International Benchmarking Assessments.  We have an award system in place and our pupils receive recognition for their academic achievements.


Our teachers regularly attend conferences, workshops and courses in order to keep up with the latest educational developments.


We are an unashamedly Christian school and offer a values based education.  We emphasise a sense of community and have a well-developed outreach programme in place.



Athletics Cricket

Cross Country





Mountain Biking


Rock Climbing

Rugby (new)  




Trail Running


Detailed School Statistics

Suburb: Fourways
  Lowest Grade: Grade 1   Boarding: No
City/Town: Johannesburg
  Highest Grade: Grade 7   Lowest Boarding Price P/A: N/A
Province: Gauteng   Lowest Tuition P/A: R58170.00   Highest Boarding Price P/A: N/A
School Type: Co-Ed   Highest Tuition P/A: R68210.00   Curriculum: IEB South African
Religious: Christian Ethos   Administration Fee: 450.00   Teacher/Pupil Ratio:
Number of Pupils: 734   Founding Year: 2001   School Phase: Prep School

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Pre-prep School Principal:
Glynis Courtney
Prep School Principal:
Tim Irving
High School Principal:
Keith Wilke

Contact: Helen Cock
Tel: 011 540 4800
Fax: 011 388 1948
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GPS Co-ordinates:

Physical Address:
No.36 on the R114

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