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Marist Brothers Linmeyer (Marian College) Primary School

Welcome to Marist Brothers Linmeyer (Marian College), a private, co-educational, Catholic School (Pre-Primary, Primary and High) in the Marist tradition in Linmeyer, Johannesburg South. We provide a unique environment which will hopefully help you and your family experience a calm, caring atmosphere filled with many opportunities and challenges. Our Marist Family seeks to embrace your family in a compassionate environment with a strong sense of belonging.


A love of work will ensure that you develop a good work ethic preparing you for further studies and your future career. You will be well prepared for the academic challenges of tertiary education. You will find that we do things simply, without complication or pretension, accepting and respecting each other as individuals who contribute to the common good. A focused Catholic religious programme enables learners of all beliefs to feel accepted and to develop their own spirituality. Varied sporting and cultural activities allow every learner to participate in a number of preferred disciplines. We are grateful for our Marist traditions and values originating from our founder, St Marcellin Champagnat. Marist Brothers Linmeyer aims to help produce caring young people who will become successful citizens of the world, will lead significant lives in the service of others.


The Primary School aims to provide quality, innovative education for children from grade PR to grade 7. Our caring environment fosters learning and personal growth, by way of a dynamic curriculum taught by an enthusiastic, dedicated team of educators. Class numbers are relatively small and a well-balanced programme exists to meet the needs of each individual whilst providing a healthy element of competition which encourages each learner to do the best with their gifts. Catholic, gospel values form the basis for every aspect of learning. Respect, tolerance and understanding of all other faiths and cultures is encouraged.






The three learning areas covered in this phase are Numeracy, Literacy and Life Skills. Music and movement, computers and physical education, taught by specialists ensure that every aspect of the child’s intellectual, emotional and physical growth is covered. In grade three the learners spend their first night away from home on a school tour. This is cause for great excitement. learners in need of academic assistance, occupational therapy, speech therapy etc. are able to make use of qualified therapists in a specialised centre which aims to provide assistance to enhance mainstream education. This facility includes a class where learners can get specialised help during the school day.


Computer classes and music and movement classes are weekly activities for the Foundation Phase learners. A recorder group is run in the afternoons for those learners with a musical flair. Continuous assessment is carried out in the Foundation Phase and reports are handed out three times per year.


Parents are kept well informed of their children’s progress all the time. We operate an “open door” policy and encourage parents to voice their concerns or communicate with staff at all times. An exciting “paired reading” programme is used in grade three to encourage reading. The boys in our College are given an added extra by having a bookshop entirely to themselves once a year! The Primary School puts on a production every year in which many learners participate, and some years the learners in the entire Primary School take part in a mammoth variety show. We enter our learners in the Eisteddfod annually and choir festivals regularly. Sport plays an integral role in the development of our learners. School leagues as well as private school leagues are entered.



In this phase there are three classes per grade with no more than 28 learners per class. There is no class teaching as learners are taught by specialist subject teachers. The learning areas in the phase are Literacy, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Economic Management Sciences, Natural Sciences, Life Orientation, Art & Culture and Technology. Grade four to six learners are assessed continuously throughout the year and formal summative assessments are written in the second and third terms. Grade seven forms part of the Senior Phase. Continuous assessment takes place throughout the year and formal summative assessments are written at the end of the second and third terms. Grade seven academic standards in English, Afrikaans and Mathematics are monitored by participation in a variety of shared assessment initiatives.

To assist our grade seven learners with subject and career choices, psychometric testing is administered by external psychologists early in the year. At a follow up parent/psychologist interview, learners are informed of their strengths and weaknesses.

Learners experiencing difficulties are offered academic support by their subject teachers. We have a Prefect system with Head Prefects chosen at the end of the first term. They are assessed on criteria such as openness to guidance, empathy, punctuality, loyalty, diligence, initiative etc. In keeping with the Marist Brothers’ tradition, Religion is at the core of all education. There are three RE teachers in this phase. All learners, regardless of their own personal creed, attend all masses and assemblies. No one is excluded from any of these, while at all times respecting other learners’ beliefs and culture. Overnight educational and leadership tours are undertaken on an annual basis. These tours are voluntary and vary in length. learners are accompanied by members of staff. To ensure that all learners receive a holistic education a rich cultural programme is offered. This includes entrance into eisteddfods, speech competitions, choir, chess and a biennal production. Sport plays an integral role in the development of our learners. School leagues as well as private school leagues are entered. An outreach programme is actively encouraged with all classes in the school “looking after” a charity of their choice. Two Grade 7 learners are chosen every year to represent the school at the Johannesburg Mini-City Council. This is an extension of our outreach programme.







Cricket is the major sport in the summer season. We practise twice a week and play one league match on a Wednesday. At Marist Brothers Linmeyer we have two under 11 (Terhorst) teams and two under 13 (Commonwealth) teams. We also take part in a night series competition during the months of October and November. This is one of the highlights of the cricket season. Many outside coaches from cricket clubs are also employed to improve the standard of cricket at the school. Mini Cricket has one practice and one match per week. Matches take place at Meredale Primary School on Tuesdays.



Marist Brothers Linmeyer has an 8 lane heated swimming pool. This makes swimming more accessible to the children in the school. Swimming takes place from under 9s to the under 13s and we participate in the Gauteng schools' league, with swimming galas every Friday afternoon. At Marist Brothers Linmeyer we have an A and B swimming team. We also host an interhouse swimming gala once a year which is enjoyed by all. Marist Brothers Linmeyer has its own swimming club called Perfect Stroke Swimming. This club meets every afternoon and has its own galas at the school.


Soccer takes up the bulk of the winter and is the biggest sport in the school as far as numbers is concerned. We have specialised coaches for each age group from under 9 to under 13. We have A teams for each age group and a development section for those that do not make a team. Each team practises twice a week and plays a league match on a Wednesday afternoon. Marist Brothers Linmeyer also enters the Gauteng Cup competition which is a knockout competition. We are very proud of our U13 team which won the whole competition last year. Marist Brothers Linmeyer also takes part in many mini tournaments on Saturday mornings. There are two mini soccer practices during the week. We also take part in mini soccer festivals on Saturdays.



Tennis takes place in the summer season and we have two specialised coaches, Mark and Paulo Harrison, assisting the children. Tennis matches take place on Thursday afternoons and we recently joined the Saturday morning league at the Brackenhurst Tennis Club.

Basketball has grown immensely in the last couple of years. It is a sport which takes place throughout the year. Practices in the first term are reserved for Grade four and five boys and girls and take place on a Friday afternoon. For boys and girls in Grade six and seven, practices take place in the second term. The Grade seven boys and girls then join the U14 players in High School in the third term. Matches and tournaments are played on Saturdays when available.


Girls' Soccer:

Girls’ soccer takes place on Friday afternoons during the winter soccer season. Girls' soccer has developed into one of the biggest sports at Marist Brothers Linmeyer. Girls take part in matches as well as festivals. We currently have an U11 and U13 team entered into the league.



Netball practices take place twice a week and we play matches on a Thursday afternoon. We also take part in tournaments on Saturday mornings to give the girls more exposure. We have one outside coach employed to improve the standard of netball. Mini netball practices take place twice a week for girls in grade one and two. Festivals are held on some weekends.



Archery is a new sport at Marist Brothers Linmeyer. It takes place on the High School campus on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. learners from grade four to grade seven participate, developing aim, strength, concentration and self-discipline. Some learners have their own bows while others use the school’s equipment and all learners supply their own arrows. The learners are instructed by a private coach.




At Marist Brothers Linmeyer we aim to provide a holistic education. A vital component of this is the development of the cultural life of the learner and the wider community.


Public Speaking:
The ability to communicate effectively and confidently is an essential life skill. At Marist Brothers Linmeyer we provide opportunities for our learners to engage in Public Speaking Competitions, both externally and internally.


Chess is offered from Grade 1 to Grade 7. In the Foundation Phase, the game is introduced in a fun way using fewer chess pieces. Juniors are coached once a week to develop basic chess, memory and planning skills. They play games against each other, with some friendly matches against other schools.
At Intersen level, more intensive coaching, also once a week, encourages strategising, decision-making and concentration. Matches are played against both local schools and other ISASA schools.

The Marist Primary School Choir consists of learners ranging from Grade 3 to Grade 7. The Choir leads the singing at assemblies and masses and often represents the school at various festivals throughout the year. This talented group of singers plays a crucial role at the First Holy Communion and at the annual Name Day Mass.

School Productions:
Every year the Marist Primary School undertakes a production, alternating between the Intersen and Foundation Phases, in which every child participates. Every third year, a Musical Production involving learners from Grade 3 to Grade 7 is produced.

Learners ranging from Grade 00 to Grade 7, participate in the annual Southern Festival of Arts. Items performed include poetry, dramatised poetry, reading, choral verse, singing, dance, art and many more.

Safety Team:
The aim of our Safety Team is to introduce the Primary School learners in Grades 5 - 7 to basic safety practices and elementary First Aid. This team of twenty active and highly motivated young learners receives training and regular assessments.

Extra-curricular activities:
Various extra-curricular opportunities are made available to our learners on the school premises. These activities are offered at an extra cost to parents and include piano, drums, guitar, pottery, art, ballet to name a few.




Various curriculum related day outings form a very valuable part of the school programme. They serve to provide learners with a variety of educational experiences outside the formal classroom which enriches their learning and broadens their worldview.

Overnight educational tours for grades 3 - 7, are generally undertaken on an annual basis. These tours are voluntary and vary in length from one night in Grade 3 to several nights in the higher grades. Grade 6 learners attend a leadership development and identification camp. Learners are accompanied by members of staff.



Our religious education programme is designed to suit the needs of our learners as part of the secular society in which we all live. Daily spiritual education is provided via the formal curriculum. Preparation for the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation is offered to Catholic learners in accordance with diocesan policy.

Marist Brothers provides its learners with a sound spiritual foundation on which to base their daily lives. Regular masses and religious services are a part of the daily life of the school.




The School’s daycare facility, which is run by full-time staff members, is open to all Grade PR to Grade 7 learners. There is a per term fee for use of this facility. It operates from after school until 17.15 every school day. Lunch is provided for pre-schoolers and sandwiches and juice for all the learners. We offer homework and reading supervision and supervised play. The Holiday programme runs from 07.15 to 17.15 daily with fun filled activities. There is an additional daily fee charged for use of the facility during School holidays.




Each grade in the Pre-School and Primary School selects an Outreach project for the year. Our learners also undertake various drives each term, generally coinciding with seasons like winter, celebration days like Easter or Christmas, or just fulfilling a general need as expressed by their particular group. Items are collected and sent to their group and are always followed with heart-warming letters of thanks or photos.

All Primary school learners also have "bread buddies" where they bring an extra lunch every Friday. These are donated to a needy school in our area for their children who often don't get any lunch.

We encourage our learners to become active participants and to support their chosen Outreach programme. This is done in the hope that, by the end of Primary School, an increased awareness of the world around them will be created and that the importance of their contribution later in life will become evident




Detailed School Statistics

Suburb: Linmeyer
  Lowest Grade: Grade 1   Boarding: No
City/Town: Johannesburg
  Highest Grade: Grade 7   Lowest Boarding Price P/A: N/A
Province: Gauteng   Lowest Tuition P/A: R41500.00   Highest Boarding Price P/A: N/A
School Type: Co-Ed   Highest Tuition P/A: R45550.00   Curriculum:
Religious: Christian Ethos (Catholic)   Administration Fee:   Teacher/Pupil Ratio:
Number of Pupils: 562   Founding Year:   School Phase: Prep School

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