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Roedean Junior School reflects the optimism, energy and spirit of childhood that is at the core of what is important in the primary phase of education. It is within this framework of tradition imbued with the value system of our Founders: Honour, Truth, Freedom and Courtesy, that classroom leadership and the teacher's role take on new meaning in an ever-changing world. Our belief in the capacity of all pupils to learn, and a sustained inner confidence that if they apply their effort and determination they can learn and develop the attitudes, work habits and strategies necessary to achieve their goals is what makes a difference in all areas of learning.


The digital age in the classroom has had a significant effect in the Junior School on the teacher's role not just as classroom leader but as a facilitator of learning. The introduction of iPads and projects with many more technology-based tasks has developed motivation, confidence and a greater sense of self work. Technology is a fully integrated aspect of our children's lives and they are learning new things in new ways and communicating in new ways. New patterns of thinking have become hardwired into how children operate in the world. We need to learn from, and leverage the power, of these emerging technologies for instructional gain.



The playground areas, gym and beautiful indigenous kopje garden are unique areas for stimulating activity and play. Childhood games facilitate teamwork, imagination and thinking, and the opportunity to actively create rather than be entertained by the media. Play develops the imagination and thinking skills and gives our children practice in social skills such waiting, negotiating, taking turns, compromise, sharing and expressing joyful emotions. Recent studies of growing children’s physical fitness emphasise the important of running, jumping and skipping as critical elements in sustaining a child’s fitness as well as developing sporting skills. This in turn develops the resilience and discipline so essential to building a structured fitness schedule which is the core of acquiring a depth of sporting skills for life.


On the sporting front, our wonderful new facilities, international hockey astro turf with lights, new netball and tennis courts and junior swim and dive pool are much appreciated. The energy, enthusiasm and commitment of the girls throughout the sporting season, in adapting to changed venues and facilities, is a fine example for us all of their flexibility, commitment and enjoyment of all the varied physical challenges which are on offer to them.


Our focus is to provide an education in which mastery of a body of knowledge and skills is employed to inspire our girls to become resourceful, imaginative, independent and resilient. In short to lay the foundation of a Roedean girl.

Detailed School Statistics

Suburb: Parktown
  Lowest Grade: Grade 0   Boarding: Yes
City/Town: Johannesburg
  Highest Grade: Grade 7   Lowest Boarding Price P/A: R81906.00
Province: Gauteng   Lowest Tuition P/A: R47914.00   Highest Boarding Price P/A: R81906.00
School Type: Girls   Highest Tuition P/A: R78241.00   Curriculum: IEB South African
Religious: Christian Ethos (Anglican)   Administration Fee:   Teacher/Pupil Ratio: 1:25
Number of Pupils: 398   Founding Year: 1903   School Phase: Pre-Prep School, Prep School

Associated schools

Roedean School (SA) Senior School

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Pre-prep School Principal:
Mrs Megan Raines
Prep School Principal:
Mrs Gillian Boltman
High School Principal:
Mrs Mary Williams

Contact: Khanya Warren
Tel: 011 647 3208
Fax: 011 643 1484
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Physical Address:
Princess of Wales Terrace

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