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St John's College: living up to its motto - Lux, Vita, Caritas (Light, Life and Love)

This busy and colourful College in Houghton, Johannesburg, is home to future leaders, on spacious school grounds with magnificent buildings. Steeped in history, and infused with a persisting sense of tradition, St John's College has dedicated itself to premium education since its establishment in 1898. Catering for pupils from Grade 000 to Grade 12 (UV), the pursuit of academic excellence, as well as every level of academic support prepares pupils for any challenge. The College also educates Sixth Form girls and boys, writing Cambridge A-Level examinations.


As a Christian school, a service to God pervades the daily workings of the College and the individuals, ensuring responsible members of St John's and the greater community. It is upon these values that the high standards of teaching and development are maintained within the school, helping all pupils to reach their potential and fulfil their dreams. The ultimate goal is for every student graduating from St John's to have had holistic development in preparation for all of their pursuits. 

School Motto:   Lux Vita Caritas (Light, Life, Love)

School Vision

To create an environment in which our pupils can live their lives to the full, learn accountability, fulfil their potential, and reach their dreams.

Mission Statement

St John's College aspires in the service of God to:

  • Be a home of religious discipline - meaning fair and just parameters and consequences, tempered with compassion
  • Be a home of sound learning - St John's must be benchmarked against the best in the country ( and the world ) in the academic arena
  • Be a home of goodwill - involvement in charity, good works and service must be the sign of a Johannian.

Pupils leaving the College must be:

  • Rightly trained in body - sport and all aspects of healthy living must form part of the curriculum
  • Rightly trained in mind - apart from the academic, where creativity, enquiry, and self learning is emphasised, pupils should be exposed to as many varied activities as possible which develop the mind and promote meaningful experience
  • Rightly trained in character - pupils must be extended continually and challenged to expand and grow, by a demanding , professional, and encouraging staff who have a passionate belief in the potential of every pupil
  • Rightly trained to serve God well - pupils must be equipped for a changing and ever more challenging world


With a resplendent curriculum on offer, St John's College has especially prolific Music, Art and Drama departments. Pupils have the option to take Music as a matric subject. They are encouraged to play a musical instrument, to join the string ensemble, wind band, jazz band or one of the many specialised ensembles. The choir regularly performs major choral works with an orchestra. Included in art instruction comes the development of subsidiary but vital learning skills, including theoretical and practical application of knowledge. On offer as part of the course, there is a segment on computer graphics, and pupils are given the chance to specialise and further their skills in their chosen field. With ample opportunity to exhibit, pupils are frequently taken on excursions, and the school offers an annual art tour to Europe. The Drama department further enables pupils to have a creative outlet and develop pivotal life and communication skills.

A host of extra-curricular activities are regulated within the school as having countless benefits to the education of pupils. Sports are undoubtedly important amongst boys, and the winter and summer programmes are in place to develop self esteem, as a practical tool in terms of team work, as well as developing a number of life skills. The cultural activities on offer cater for the full spectrum of interests and personal strengths amongst the student body, and enhance the academic curriculum in a variety of ways. 

Based on Christian principles, pupils at St John's College are encouraged to engage with those in need, giving them insight into the sense of achievement stemming from helping others. Each pupil is expected to perform twenty hours of community service, and a number of rewards are presented in recognition of outstanding effort. With a number of projects in progress, most notable on the list is the school's twin project with Masibambane College. Within the auspices of this project, St John's provides support in terms of administration, equipment, fundraising and other upliftment initiatives, as well as providing educational sharing. 

Mirrored by the successes of current pupils that are excelling across the board, St John's College boasts alumni of wholly flourishing citizens, locally and abroad, who have gone on to triumph in a number of professional and sporting endeavours. These members of the St John's community are exemplary of the legacy of the school and the thorough grounding it creates for those educated within it. 

The normal curriculum comprises the following subjects:

  • Additional Mathematics
  • Afrikaans
  • Art
  • Biology (Now called: Life Sciences)
  • Computer Studies
  • Divinity
  • Dramatic Arts
  • Economics (Sixth Form option)
  • English
  • French
  • Geography
  • German
  • History
  • Italian (by special arrangement)
  • Latin
  • Mathematics
  • Maths Paper III
  • Music
  • Physical Science
  • Psychology (Sixth Form option)
  • Zulu

The above subjects are also available in Grades 8 and 9 (except Advanced Programme Mathematics). Grades 8 and 9 have courses in the eight learning areas required to qualify for the General Education Certificate (GEC). In addition to the above, learning areas Technology and Economic & Management Services are also offered.



Cultural Activities

Author's Hour
AviationFirst Aid
BackstageGourmet food and wine
Ballroom HaHa club
Bee keepingInteract
Bird NerdsModeling club
ChessMusic appreciation
Christian cell groupsPhotography
Christian film clubPottery ceramics
Computer games clubPresident's award
Current affairsPublic speaking
DebatingRock climbing
Decimus societyScrabble
DramaScuba diving
Film ClubWater Polo skills

Detailed School Statistics

Suburb: Houghton
  Lowest Grade: Grade 8   Boarding: Yes
City/Town: Johannesburg
  Highest Grade: Grade 12   Lowest Boarding Price P/A: R52080.00
Province: Gauteng   Lowest Tuition P/A: R88860.00   Highest Boarding Price P/A: R63840.00
School Type: Boys   Highest Tuition P/A: R92790.00   Curriculum: IEB South African
Religious: Christian Ethos (Anglican)   Administration Fee:   Teacher/Pupil Ratio:
Number of Pupils: 735   Founding Year: 1898   School Phase: High School

Associated schools

The Bridge Nursery School
St John's Preparatory School
St John's Pre-Preparatory School

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Pre-prep School Principal:
Mrs Jane Lane
Prep School Principal:
Mr Patrick Lees
High School Principal:
Mr Roger Cameron

Contact: Toni Williams
Tel: 011 645 3000
Fax: 011 487 2227
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GPS Co-ordinates:
Seconds (d m’ s”): South 26 10’ 36” | East 28 03’ 28”
Degrees (d.d): South 26.17682 | East 28.05778

Physical Address:
St David Road

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